Notes from the coder:
- If you need to make a new search, just refresh the script.

- While viewing the results, remember.
Blue = Direct link to the torrent site
Yellow = Indirect link using a Glype proxy

If you have change your dns service to a public one that "Blue" links are fine.
If you live in a country or place where the torrent site is blocked then use the "yellow" link.

- Always download using the magnet: link.
- Files ending in .torrent works aswell.

- In case the user click in a magnet: link using the Glype (Yellow links), the user
will have to remove the domain and server extension from the url.

- Torrent downloads most of the time are monitored by multiple companies that can provide the file
and collect data from you. Use a VPN service like PureVPN (Promo link in the script)